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This page is for my own little report on venues that, for whatever reason, stand out to me. It may be for venues that I’m very familiar with, ones which I particularly like, ones where the venue staff have gone that extra mile for the wedding party (or for me!), or just really for any venue which I think offers a particular standout quality and deserves a special mention.

If you’re a wedding couple looking for a venue, hopefully these ‘reviews’ may help to give you just a little more insight into what the venue can offer, and may give you just that little nudge to inform your decision.

Wedding venue choice is a very personal decision that will be based on lots of factors, but I’ll basically try to provide you with my opinion from a photographic point of view i.e. what potential does the venue have for great photographs. My vision may differ from other photographers, as everyone has their own favourite features and approaches to taking awesome shots, so I’ll pepper everything with lots of tasty example photographs of my own.  Cos I’m generous like that 😉

It will probably take me some time to get around to populating this page properly, so if you want to ask me about any venues that aren’t here, please feel free to ask!


Oran Mor

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