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A day in the life of Alfie the dog

Happy birthday Jane 🙂

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Glasgow Pet Photography – Pat, Marti & Penny

More of an unusual commission this week: One of my neighbours, Pat, asked if I’d be interested in producing some portraits of her with her two young buddies, Marti & Penny. Commissions like these are great for the winter months when the wedding season is traditionally taking a break and I can recharge my batteries by getting my teeth into something a bit different to the wedding scene.

You may be thinking to yourself  “These dogs look like greyhounds, surely they would’ve been too quick to photograph?”. Well that’s where you’d be wrong…..they are in fact Italian greyhounds. I think “Italian” must be the Italian word for “faster”. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a ‘dog whispering’ expert I may well have  been struggling 😉




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