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Glasgow child photographer – Aaron & Hollie

Places to go, playing to be done, stuff to run around… Aaron & Hollie 🙂

Believe it or not this was filmed at the start of December. In a t-shirt. So there you go.


Watch in full screen mode at 1080p HD for best viewing.

Glasgow family photography

Waaaay back at the start of 2012 I ran a competition on my website to win a photoshoot. Linsay & Ritchie, one of my wedding couples from the previous year, were the hard-fought winners 🙂 & decided to use the shoot for their two sons (one who was yet to be born at the time). That shoot took place this weekend and I’m happy to present the results here.

Meet Olly & Harry – a couple of cheeky, smiley wee geezas! (as my cockney friend Shooie might say)

Well said Shooie 😉


Newborn & Child Photography – Glasgow

One family.

Four children.

Four different ages.

Four different approaches taken.

It’s what I call the ‘diffrent strokes for diffrent folks’ technique.


………..”Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?”








Newborn baby photography, Glasgow – Syon

Sleepy, sleeeepy, sleeeeeepy………..

Meet Syon. About 25 days old. The baby model with a knockout punch (see last few pics….). Those were the days eh? So cosy all the time. Sleep was but a blink away. If you wanted to sleep, you slept. If you wanted to wee, the nappy took care of it. If you wanted to eat, you, er, screamed for a bit.

Syon was the perfect model really.  Coped pretty well with a strange man pointing a camera at him & gave us a range of expressions enough to capture a glimpse of his character in those few first days of his life. Couldn’t ask for more really 🙂

And his name means ‘good luck’ in Sanskrit, by the way. Just in case you were wondering!



Put em up.........


..........aaaaand BOOOM!! Knockout.






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