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A usually extremely smiley Daisy was unimpressed by my chat & was refusing to show her new teeth off for the camera.

It was time for the big guns.

Daddy Stephen stepped up to the plate requesting “daddy smiles” and singing Baa-baa black sheep.

It worked – both Daisy, and myself, had our teeth out and were were lapping it up 😉




First birthday portraits – Syon



One year older; not quite walking; not quite standing; but VERY mobile 🙂


You can see him HERE at age 0.





Newborn baby photography Glasgow – Ava

Presenting Ava  –  only a few weeks old and already a fashionista in the headgear department!

To tell the truth, she wasn’t all that keen on having her head covered at all, but as proud parents Adele and Jay had bought the funky headwear especially for the photoshoot…..we persevered 🙂

With a bit of luck, a bit of patience, a bit of coaxing and (most importantly I think) a bit of timely feeding, she fell asleep and gave us a golden opportunity to click away.









Baby Photography – Glasgow


“All the broody ladies,

All the broody ladies,

All the broody ladies,

All the broody ladies,

a-put yo hands up!…

O-ohh-ohh, O-ohh-ohh    etc, etc”


Let me introduce Caue.

I personally don’t like the word “cute”.

Therefore I will have to cut this post short as I am in danger of using it.  Enjoy the pics!




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