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Newborn baby photography, Glasgow – Syon

Sleepy, sleeeepy, sleeeeeepy………..

Meet Syon. About 25 days old. The baby model with a knockout punch (see last few pics….). Those were the days eh? So cosy all the time. Sleep was but a blink away. If you wanted to sleep, you slept. If you wanted to wee, the nappy took care of it. If you wanted to eat, you, er, screamed for a bit.

Syon was the perfect model really.  Coped pretty well with a strange man pointing a camera at him & gave us a range of expressions enough to capture a glimpse of his character in those few first days of his life. Couldn’t ask for more really 🙂

And his name means ‘good luck’ in Sanskrit, by the way. Just in case you were wondering!



Put em up.........


..........aaaaand BOOOM!! Knockout.






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