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Wedding Photography, The Rectory, Cirencester – Rebecca & Andrew

Well, despite this washout of a summer we’re having, I took a short flight down to a beautiful rural Cirencester venue called the Rectory, and was presented with a gem of a day.

Sometimes, just sometimes everything goes right 🙂   If you were to plan a perfect wedding photography recipe, I might suggest the following ingredients:

*Some beautiful light.

*A crazy, modern-art, wooden sculpture in the garden.

*A really cool & friendly crowd.

*3 hallucinogen-inspired, multi-coloured pigs.

*A can-do attitude!

*Some more beautiful light.

*Croquet on the lawn (I’m sure somebody knew the rules!)

*A magican.

*Some green wellies.


Mix the whole lot together, throw in some boogying and, of course, an awesome photographer ( 🙂 ) and you have a recipe for a fine, fine day.

Observe……… 😉



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