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Wedding Photography – Millenium Hotel, Kensington, London – Jon & Saleha

Rubbing shoulders with the cream of British society this weekend, at the wedding of Jon & Saleha in the upmarket locale of South Kensington,  London. Ahhh, just another day for me 😉

The Millenium Hotel was rather a spectacular venue, with much of the day taking place in “The Conservatory”. The name may conjure up images of a greenhouse out the back of the hotel, but what “The Conservatory” actually was, was a huge glass domed structure (not unlike the Crystal Maze on steroids) comprising a bar area , a piano, seating for over a hundred and, believe it or not, four huge palm trees. Swish!

The day itself was to take a slightly unusual format, in that I would not be with the bride for the morning preparations, but shadowing the groom & his pals. I was invited for breakfast where the banter was fast, the winding-up frequent, and beans were most definitely not on the menu (don’t worry, you had to be there to get  that one).  🙂

I was given the brief of getting some “Reservoir Dogs” type shots on the way back from the cafe. I didn’t want to do it in the usual cliched wedding way, so I didn’t give the guys any instruction at all, I just let them wander back to the hotel and worked around them as they traveled. I’m really pleased with the results, I think it’s usually much better to these kind of things ‘unstaged’ as it were, so that they look much more natural. It was also a nice change to snap the guys getting ready as I think it gives a distinctly different aesthetic to the bridal preparations.

The main challenge for the day was that the ceremony took place at 4pm which meant that by the time we got to the bride & groom shots the light was fading fast. There was also nothing in the way of greenery or scenic backdrops anywhere within walking distance so the only thing for it was for us to take to the busy London streets for some rapid street scene photography! I actually coaxed them into walking down the centre of a busy street at one point to nail a striking photo – a wedding dress & a beautiful bride will often buy you a little patience from motorists who would normally just flatten you – even in London! (it is however wise not to push your luck too far…). It was all over in 15 minutes & Jon & Saleha were straight back inside enjoying themselves 🙂

And then they partied righteously 🙂



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