Glasgow Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography, Lodge on the Loch, Loch Lomond – Lucinda & Aidan


Beautiful winters day.

Beautiful location at the famous Loch Lomond, Lodge on the Loch.

Worth traveling all the way from Canada for?……… betcha! 🙂

Lucinda & Aidan spent a little over a week in Scotland preparing for their big day, in which time we also squeezed in a pre-wedding photoshoot (which you can see here: Glasgow couple photoshoot). The 2 days we chose for the shoots couldn’t have been more different in terms of weather (that’s Scotland for you!), but I think we managed to wring the potential from both of them……..though I’m really glad we got the sun on the RIGHT day 🙂

On a personal note, Aidan himself is a keen photographer and adds his name to quite a long list of fellow photographers and also TWO high profile film industry cameramen who have picked me to photograph their wedding over the past couple of years. I guess I must be doing SOMEthing right. Gives me a warm,fuzzy, mushy feeling on the inside……..which compliments my cold, brutal exterior quite well 😉













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