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Wedding Photography, Ardanaiseig Hotel – Alison & Gordon

Ardanaiseig Hotel. Let me tell you – it’s QUITE a place!  Though I’m still not sure how to pronounce it.

It’s an amazing rural residence, tucked away in a place called Kilchrennan by Taynuilt on the road to Oban, right on the banks of Loch Awe, and it’s one of those locations that you (by which I mean, I) dream about being commissioned to photograph a wedding at. Having not been before, I kept my beady eye open on the trip there for suitable nearby shooting locations as a backup. Whilst there was still not much flowering by this point of the year, the local trees and woods have an almost eerie beauty and I’m itching to get back there to make use of them. We didn’t need to however, as the grounds of the Hotel itself are even better.

I think I could shoot a wedding at this location every day for a year and still be finding cool new things to photograph. As I said to Alison in the morning as she prepared in the boat house – I’d be walking around the grounds & see something & think,  “THAT’S a pretty awesome sight”, then I’d walk for another 30 seconds and think,  “No wait, THIS is awesomer”, then another 30 seconds down the road: “No, no, THIS is the most awesomest!” 😉  The kind of landscape that can look totally different depending on whether you have a sunny or overcast day.

Enough about the place anyway. I liked it, that’s all. Alison & Gordon were looking for a very relaxed day, with no fussing or staged stiffness, and enjoyed a really intimate wedding & reception, chatting to their guests; having a laugh; & photography of the above. So that’s what we did 🙂



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