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Pre-wedding Photoshoot, Glasgow – Stephanie & Martin


I’ve spent a fair bit of time this year crawling around in the bushes taking pictures of kissing couples. It’s a good job I’m a respectable sort of gentleman or I might be tarnished with some kind of sinister reputation……… 😉

This particular photoshoot was (as is quite often the case) more for Martin’s benefit as he was really apprehensive about the whole ‘posing’ part of the wedding day & it was a good chance for the both of them to get used to way I shoot & pose people so that they could feel much more relaxed on the actual wedding day.

My whole approach is basically to get the couple having a bit of a chuckle & a good time so that the pictures come across as much more relaxed & natural. This is generally, for my clients, exactly the kind of pictures they are looking for & most really appreciate the very informal & relaxed approach that I take & it can really enhance the wedding day as opposed to being more of a ‘necessary hassle’.

Like I’ve said many a time before – it’s about going with the flow & having some good banter rather than saying cheese a lot and getting a sore face (we save that for the group shots)  😉

In Stephanie & Martin’s case I think it really helped them relax & made the wedding day couple shots easier. Keep an eye open for their wedding pics……coming soon……


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