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Hallowe’en themed wedding at Cottiers in Glasgow – Nicola & Jason

I can guarantee that you’ve never seen a wedding quite like this!

Themed weddings can be awesome things; a novel twist on a traditional occasion. And Hallowe’en weddings are. Right. Up. My. Street. 😀

Not only did Nicola & Jason blow me away with their attention to detail and commitment to the theme, but ALL of the guests were 100% prepared for some spooky boogying – I’ve never seen anything like it: from the fantastically suitable setting of Cottiers Theatre Glasgow, to the eyeball hors d’oevres; there were zombies, vampires, an Uncle Fester; at one point on the dance floor there was the grim reaper waltzing with some kind of spectre of death. I’m not sure what kind of symbolism you can draw from that, but I liked it! 🙂

So gather round all ye horror fans, and marvel at the creepy spectacle that was the marriage of Nicola & Jason…….AHOOHAAHAAHAAAAAAAaaaaa*cough*cough*  😉




halloween horror wedding theme


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