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Bridal boudoir photoshoot with a Burlesque theme!


Boudoir  –  What it means:  [from the French]  – “a  pleasant or elegantly furnished private room to which a lady may retire to be alone or with partner”


A boudoir photoshoot is obviously a very private thing, which means I don’t often get to shout about it on my blog. What normally happens is that the client will receive an album, to be presented as a cheeky little gift for your partner, for you both to enjoy, or simply for yourself. Let’s face it, when you look as good as you do, you want to remember it! 🙂

The majority of my clients like a relaxed and fun vibe to their photos whatever they may be, and it’s no different for bridal boudoir shoots. A boudoir shoot is an opportunity to make the bride / fiancee / girlfriend look stunning & sensual, so that they can look back on the photos as a reminder of how fantastic they actually looked at the time. The shoots can be as innocent and playful, or as bold and provocative as you want to make them.

Most of my previous boudoir shoots have had a sort of fly on the wall, natural feel to them (see Bridal Boudoir Photographs for some examples) with a hint of suggestiveness about them. I find this way we can create much more original photos, preferably with a touch of narrative and real sense of the bride’s own personality, rather than the very posed and repetitive styles prevalent on the majority of boudoir sites.

However, for this particular shoot we wanted to alter the aesthetic slightly and go for a kind of sexy burlesque feel to show that you can inject a whole heap of the sitter’s own personality and ideas into the theme. The options are really endless and you can use the shoot as an experimental blank sheet. As always though, my main focus is to make the bride or bride-to-be look amazing, keep her relaxed, and allow her enjoy the shoot and feel good about the photos that we are making.


Have a laugh.

Make some striking photographs.








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