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One of the great things about photography, as opposed to moving images, is it’s ability to freeze time.  A photographs timescale is usually a fraction of a second, capturing a specific instant in time and immortalising it forever. The aim of the photographer is to imbue each image with a sense of purpose, of the place, the time, the emotion, the beauty, and to isolate the essence of the image so that it captures your imagination and tells a story in itself, and is a timeless record of that single moment in time that you wish to remember.


…..and then you get the duff ones.


Whether it be through unlucky timing, a trick of the light, a background oversight or fully intentional – that one single moment that you have recorded forever might inadvertently be a picture of the bride scratching her bum or aunty Jane picking her nose in the background.

Through the course of a wedding you usually get a few of these  and normally they’re discreetly deleted without ever causing embarrassment. However, I occasionally get ones that really make me chuckle for one reason or another. And if they make me chuckle, I reckon they might make you chuckle as well. These probably aren’t the kind of photos that the bride & groom are going to proudly display on their living room wall, but I think it’d be a shame if some of them never saw the light of day.

And please don’t be offended if you see yourself in one of these photos – before posting them I always ask myself if I’d want a picture of myself looking like that plastered all over the internet – if the answer is no, it stays off the website.  And remember: were not lauging at you anyway, we’re laughing with you….or something like that…    😉




wedding comedy

This is why children should always be allowed at weddings. Be sure to bring one for each drink.





Havva & Nick started clowning around with their bridal party during the group shots, and we decided to to a synchronised group jumping shot, which I thought was a great idea…………….I’m not sure the dog was of the same opinion!





This is the Star Wars equivalent of putting a potato in a car exhaust. Take THAT Empire!




This is where the zombie apocalypse all started. With a spot of face-chewing. Mmmmmmm, face!





dog kissing bride

And give the bride a wee kiss……, wait a minute……




Let’s face it – we would have all tried to do the same when we were children.








The threat of physical violence is never funny. Except when it’s   on a comedy blog page 😉




















the look


“The left side of my face is angered by what you’re saying!”




Comedy wedding photographs (8)





This is an appropriate sequence to show the amazing weather we had in the summer of 2012. I say summer – the only way you could really tell was because the wet stuff falling on you was slightly warmer.




These videographers are getting younger and younger.





It’s all fun & games until someone chokes on a veil.




Two hands are for wimps!




funny things at weddings


When kids get out of control, in my experience this is absolutely the best way to keep them in line.
































I’m not sure what this conversation was about, but I think the clue may be in the hand gesture……. 😉




Many of the comedic moments at weddings involve either children or dancing. Combining the two is a recipe for high octane hilarity.

This flower girl expended more energy during the course of the day than I think I have in the last couple of years. I think this mid-air catch was an attempt to slow her down.

Nae chance!





The confetti throwing shots are always prone to a bit of projectile mishappery – often the best you can hope for is that nobody gets blinded!

In this particular case Vicky the bride has apparently had a very fetching blue and green moustache grafted onto her face. Looks itchy 🙂




Nasal Explosion!


Looks like Rob has had an idea…’s just that his lightbulb has gone off in the wrong place 🙂




violent wedding dance


I’ve been caught with THIS one before…….here’s a tip:

If you ever see some kind of seizure on the dancefloor, give it a second or two before you attempt CPR.

Turns out they’re usually dancing.






wedding photography glasgow

It’s rutting season!
















This is what’s known as photographic opportunism!

I really don’t think he knew why I was taking his pic 🙂










wedding photographer glasgow


You may struggle to see the comedy value of the above pic. The action was actually happening behind the lens this time. Having assembled the entire wedding party on the steps at Duntreath Castle (Amazing venue!) for the big group shot, I crouched down to see what the angle looked like…..and was greeted by a loud ripping sound coming from behind me. Yes, there’s no better time to split your trousers right up the back than when you’re trying to look like the consummate professional in front of a hundred people. To add insult to injury I’d chosen the brightly coloured pants that day.

At least I didn’t have to try very hard to get them laughing for the photo…….





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